1 in 4 Oklahoma children are at risk of going to bed hungry each night. The need for diapers, formula, and food is always there. We know that from time to time, parents experience circumstances that make it difficult to provide for their children.

Infant Crisis Services is the only food and diaper pantry in central Oklahoma dedicated to babies and toddlers. Established in 1984 with the goal of assisting families in crisis, we have served nearly 300,000 children. For 35 years, our service model limited the number of visits for each child in their lifetime, most recently to 5 visits per child total. Clients often ration their visits, saving them for the worst-case scenarios.

How It Currently Works

Clients currently have five visits to use between birth and their 4th birthday. These visits can be used as needed, as long as they’re a week apart.


In 2020, we are changing everything!

Infant Crisis Services believes that any time a parent is struggling to provide for their child, it feels like a crisis. We don’t want parents to wait until they get to their breaking point. So we are offering more visits, more often. Clients will now have 4 visits available every calendar year, from birth until age 4. That is a potential 300% increase in visits!

How It Will Work in 2020

Beginning January 1, 2020, clients will receive four visits per calendar year, until their 4th birthday. Visits do not roll over each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already used all 5 visits for my child. Can I come back for more visits now?

Yes, if your child has not turned 4 years old yet, they will have new visits to use starting in January 2020!

Why did you decide to change the visit schedule?

  • More visits have always been the number one request of clients and partner agencies. We listen to you!
  • 85% of your child’s brain development happens before their 4th birthday, and not having enough formula or food can hurt them for years to come. Your children are important to us!
  • More visits mean more meaningful support. We want to be there for you!

How does the new visit schedule work?

Beginning in January 2020, your child’s visits will now be tracked on a yearly basis, not their entire lifetime. So for each child under age 4, you will have 4 visits to use each calendar year. Visits will start over in January of each year. You will still need to wait 1 week in between each visit. All changes apply to visits at the main office and BabyMobiles.

Will my child get the same amount of diapers/formula/food as they did before?

Yes, there is no change to the essential items you will receive. Each child will receive one week’s worth of diapers. They will also receive a week’s worth of formula or food, depending on age. However, extra boutique items like clothing, toys, books, blankets, etc. are not part of our core mission and are only available based on donations.

My child was born in November. Do I still get all 4 visits for that year?

Yes, your child can receive services up to 4 times each year he is under 4 years old, regardless of birth date.

My child turns 4 in February. Do I still get all 4 visits for that year?

Yes, your child can use up to 4 visits that year as long as the visits occur before their 4th birthday.

If I only use 2 visits one year, will my child’s unused visits roll over to the next year?

Unused visits will not roll over to the next year. We encourage you to use a visit when you have the most need, but every child may not need to use all 4 visits each year.

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Donor door hours are:
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Service hours are:
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