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For 37 years, Infant Crisis Services has provided formula, food, and diapers to every baby and toddler who has come through our door. In 2020 alone, you helped us provide formula to over 8,500 babies in central Oklahoma. Nearly 1,000 of those clients needed a specialty formula. 

Specialty formula is made to cater to babies’ dietary sensitivities. A baby can have a dairy allergy, a protein sensitivity, or need a prescription formula to aid in their digestion. We also know that sometimes our tiniest clients are born premature and need formula with extra calories and nutrients. If these babies are not able to receive the specialized formula they need, it often results in extreme discomfort and fussiness, painful reflux, and even weight loss. This affects their ability to grow, to thrive, and adds another layer of stress to the family. We want to provide all the nutrients that our tiniest clients need, so Infant Crisis Services works hard to ensure that specialty formula is always on our shelves.

We know that each baby’s needs are different, and we believe that every baby deserves to be set up for success. Will you continue to help us provide babies with the nutrients they need to grow strong?

Fraternal twins Jon David and Amelody were born three months premature. Although both babies suffered from underdeveloped lungs, Jon David, at just 2 pounds, struggled to keep up with his sister. He was born with a hole in his heart, and eventually, he developed an extremely rare bacterial infection. Parents Mark and Jane brought Amelody home, but Jon David remained in the hospital fighting for his life. They needed formula and diapers for their little ones, but their unexpected medical bills were rapidly emptying their bank account. Mark and Jane felt they had nowhere to turn. So they called Infant Crisis Services. “When you plan on having kids, you’re not thinking any of this is going to happen,” said Mark.

Being able to receive basic necessities from Infant Crisis Services, especially a week’s worth of specialty preemie formula, meant everything to Mark and Jane. For Jon David and Amelody, coming to Infant Crisis Services meant they would sleep that night with a belly full of formula made especially for their unique preemie needs. After several months of recovery, Jon David began breathing on his own, gaining weight, and catching up to his sister. Infant Crisis Services provides babies like Jon David and Amelody a chance to grow into happy, healthy children. Despite their difficult situation, both parents wholeheartedly pronounced, 

Mark and Jane holding their children, Jon David and Amelody 

Last year, you helped Infant Crisis Services provide formula to more than 8,500 babies.

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