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A crisis can look different for everyone. Maybe it’s a flat tire that needs to be fixed right now so a parent can drive to work. It could be the loss of a job, forcing a family to be evicted from the home they’ve known for years. Perhaps a mother is starting over after fleeing an abusive relationship. For Rosa Garcia and her boyfriend, Israel, a crisis came with a surprise pregnancy.

In 2009, Rosa and Israel learned they were expecting a baby. They were young – having a baby at age 16 meant growing up very quickly. They needed support and support was difficult to come by. Rosa’s parents did not approve of her pregnancy, so Rosa and Israel were left to enter parenthood alone. Experience was not on their side. They felt abandoned and had no family to lend a hand.  

After Rosa delivered her beautiful son, Israel Jr., she visited the Oklahoma WIC Clinic to receive formula. She was grateful, but there was so much more he still needed. As a longtime partner agency, the WIC Clinic referred Rosa to Infant Crisis Services. That day, she called and made an appointment. Infant Crisis provided her with a week’s worth of diapers and formula for her precious baby boy, and it immediately eased her mind. Being a new mom can be so stressful, and that anxiety expands tenfold when you aren’t quite sure when your baby will get his next meal or a dry diaper. 

In 2014, Rosa and Israel welcomed their second son, Ghael, and in 2020, their son Dominic joined the family. Shortly after, Rosa and Israel reconnected with Rosa’s parents. They figured out a financial plan that worked well for their family. Times were good.  

Then, in March of this year, the whole family contracted COVID-19, and Israel was forced to be away from work for an extended period. The bills piled up. Rosa and Israel were at a loss. How would they provide Dominic with what he needed? Then, Rosa remembered Infant Crisis Services. Thirteen years later, in 2022, Rosa returned to Infant Crisis Services and received food, diapers, and other necessities for Dominic. When asked about receiving the essentials from Infant Crisis Services, Rosa said: 


At Infant Crisis Services, our effect isn’t always in the short term. Sometimes families need us unexpectedly. Their crisis may change, but we are there to answer the call with kindness, respect, compassion, and love. Rosa knew the care she received in 2009 helped make a difference then, and she knew we could do it again. Infant Crisis Services would always be there for them, whenever they needed it.

(Above) Rosa holding her son, Dominic.

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Did you know there are many ways you can make a lasting impact on the babies and toddlers served by Infant Crisis Services? A legacy gift can cost nothing over your lifetime, provide tax benefits for you and your loved ones, and ensure you are remembered for supporting our mission that no baby should go hungry. Here are a few ways you can leave a legacy:

 1. Direct assets from your IRA to Infant Crisis Services during your lifetime. 

2. Include Infant Crisis Services in your will or trust.

3. Make Infant Crisis Services a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy at your death.


Questions? Please contact Allison Parker at (405) 778-7608 or


Lauren Ottaway Johnson
Infant Crisis Board Member

“I have included Infant Crisis Services as a beneficiary of my retirement account. As a loyal annual donor to Infant Crisis Services, it was easy to update my beneficiary designation form to include ICS without having to do any additional planning. I would advise you to think about leaving a legacy gift to Infant Crisis Services so that its mission can carry on long after you or me!” – Lauren Ottaway Johnson

The Teen Associate Board worked hard for months to organize the 4th Annual Baby Steps 5k – and it was a huge success! On April 9th, over 150 participants completed the 1 Mile Fun Run & 5K at Bluff Creek. This year’s Teen Board raised over $50,000 to feed and diaper babies and toddlers. Great job teens!

Top from Left to Right: Cate Mossman, Brendan Hansen, Tatum Laird, AJ Jayasekar, Kendall Carey, Hailey Johnson, Kathryn Bowman, Allison Hickey.
Middle from Left to Right: Sarah Miller, Avery Payne, Kate Schomas, Kathryn Hadrava, Ava Nelson, Julia Thomas, Paige Seknicka, Evan Mcintire
Bottom from Left to Right: Emily Healy, Olivia Laforge, Anthony Neumann, Cecelia Del Valle, Beatrice Vogler, Megan John

Born on June 4, 1984, Infant Crisis Services is celebrating our 38th birthday this coming June! As a tribute to our 1984 founding year, our birthday is always 80’s themed and so totally groovy! Infant Crisis Services has grown tremendously over the past 38 years, but our mission has never changed. Since 1984, we have served over 335,000 babies and toddlers! Give a birthday gift this June in celebration of our birthday and MidFirst Bank will match your donation up to $10,000!

(Above) Niamatullah and Gulrand holding their children, Nasreen and Nejatullah

I’ve never searched so fervently for the perfect pair of shoes than I did for 1-and-a-half-year-old Nasreen. Nasreen, like her brother and parents, is a refugee from Afghanistan. Nasreen came to Infant Crisis Services this April with her parents, Niamatullah and Gulrang, and her newborn brother, Nejatullah. As soon as her father carried her through our doors, Nasreen gave me a big smile and a high-five. Right away I noticed she wasn’t wearing any shoes. I quickly zoomed into our boutique and brought back our shoe basket. Nasreen spotted a pair of bright pink sandals with bows, and she was in love. Her sweet face beamed as I put the new shoes on her.

More than 600 Afghan refugees have arrived in Oklahoma City since September 2021. In the last 5 months, Infant Crisis Services has provided our services to 41 babies and toddlers of Afghan refugee families. Most of the families we’ve met need new car seats and clothes for their little ones as well as the essentials – food, formula, and diapers. Every time we serve an Afghan family, I make sure that each child goes home with a new toy. Even when we were low on toys, I find myself digging through my own beanie baby collection just so these kiddos would have something fun to hold.

It’s a different kind of humbling to meet a refugee family. These families left behind everything they knew and are starting over in a new country. Infant Crisis Services exists to help families in crisis, and I am honored to help families like Niamatullah, Gulrang, Nasreen, and Nejatullah. Because of supporters like you, babies of all different backgrounds are going to bed tonight with full bellies and dry diapers. Thank you for all you do!

To learn more about sponsoring an Afghan family, contact Catholic Charities at To volunteer with The Spero Project, supporting Afghan families, sign up online at

Always for the babies,


Miki Farris

Left to right: Sharri Coleman, Afiya Wilkins, Muhammet Sezer, Annette White-Klososky, Tiffany Eitzmann

Let’s fiesta! 

This fall, join us for the 9th annual Bingo for Babies benefiting
Infant Crisis Services!
Please join the Young Professionals Board of Infant Crisis Services on Friday, October 14, 2022, at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club for a fun event featuring dinner, drinks, entertainment, silent auction, and of course – BINGO! Sponsorships available now at

Join us for a ladies night out this summer to celebrate the incredible moms of Infant Crisis Services! This new fundraising event will feature cocktails and light bites, raffle prizes, and stories of the strong moms Infant Crisis Services has been able to help in their time of need. Honor the mom or daughter in your life, and join us as we work to Help Another Mother. For more information, please visit:

The 13th Annual Boots & Ball Gowns Gala was a night of boot scootin’ fun at The Jones Assembly! In total, Boots and Ball Gowns brought in nearly $450,000! Wow- that’s a huge impact for the babies! AND with the 2021 contributions to Boots, our grand total was $623,391! Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to all our sponsors for making the evening a success:

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Ketchum Charitable Foundation
Chickasaw Nation

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MidFirst Bank
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Emmi & Jeff Kobs (co-chair and husband)
Emmi & Jeff Kobs (co-chair and husband)
Emmi & Jeff Kobs (co-chair and husband)