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As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the warmth and joy that this time of year brings. It’s a season of love, gratitude, and togetherness, where families and friends come together to celebrate the bonds that unite us. I have been soaking up all the time autumn gives me with my kids and grandkids, and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. However, amidst the joy, my awareness of Oklahomans in need of the most basic items grows. These families and their tiniest members become heavy on my heart.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact of inflation on our daily lives. As we make our wish lists, buy gifts, share meals, and enjoy the company of loved ones, it’s hard to ignore the rising cost of everyday essentials. Items like diapers, baby food, and formula are crucial for the health and well-being of infants and young children, but the prices of these items continue to increase. It is now harder than ever for struggling families to make ends meet.
The cost of living continues to climb, and it’s affecting those who are already on the edge of financial instability. Parents who are doing their best to provide for their children are now faced with difficult choices, often sacrificing their own needs to ensure that their little ones have enough to eat. It is heartbreaking to witness the anxiety and stress that parents experience when they cannot afford these essential items for their children.

This is a challenge that deeply burdens our clients, especially during the holiday season when the desire to create special memories for their children is at its peak.
Record inflation over the past two years has jeopardized the health and well-being of infants and toddlers across our state. Because of your support this year, Infant Crisis Services is seeing approximately 2,000 babies and toddlers each month. That is 2,000 little ones per month who leave with clean bottoms and full tummies, and whose parents are able to free up much needed dollars in their tight budgets and get connected to additional resources.
The spirit of giving and community support can truly make a difference. As we enter the final weeks of 2023, I ask that you join Infant Crisis Services in ensuring that all families, regardless of their circumstances, can be wrapped in compassion, kindness, and generosity by our staff and volunteers.
Always for the babies,

Josh and his wife Ana are the proud parents of three little boys, Andrew 9, Jackson 6, and Oliver 15 months. Each of their little ones have been the beneficiaries of the invaluable support that Infant Crisis Services provides.
Being a father is Josh’s greatest joy, but he is no stranger to the challenges that come with it. When Ana and their eldest son, Andrew, entered his life, he eagerly embraced the role of a dedicated father. The news of their second son, Jackson, on the way filled him with boundless excitement.

For Josh, being an amazing dad had always been a dream.

However, life took an unexpected turn after Jackson’s arrival. A sudden job loss and the loss of their apartment left Josh and Ana struggling to make ends meet. Doing everything in his power to afford essentials for his little one became a daily struggle. It was in those trying times that Infant Crisis Services stepped in, providing essential supplies and relieving the burden of uncertainty about their son’s next meal or diaper change.
“We were able to focus on rebuilding our foundation” Josh told us.
The family relocated to Wichita, Kansas, for a fresh start and joyfully welcomed their youngest son, Oliver, into the world 15 months ago.

Yet, an unforeseen mental health crisis with a housemate disrupted their newfound stability. Josh and Ana knew that it was no longer a safe place to raise their kids. They had to get their boys somewhere safe.
Josh’s parents drove up from Oklahoma City to help them pack their lives into a car’s worth of boxes, turning their world upside down within 24 hours. Josh and Ana remained determined to be the parents their boys needed, despite the upheaval.
Leaving Wichita meant leaving behind most of their possessions, including clothes for their children. Desperate to provide for their youngest, Oliver, Josh remembered Infant Crisis Services and quickly scheduled an appointment.
Infant Crisis Services was there for them once more, offering not only diapers and food but also clean, new clothes for Oliver. The agency had been a beacon of hope in the Looney family’s darkest hours, alleviating their stress and offering support when they needed it most.
As Josh and Ana settle into life in Oklahoma City, they find comfort in knowing that Infant Crisis Services will continue to be there for them. With essentials provided, they can focus on building a brighter future.

Thanks to a partnership with Toyota’s Buckle Up For Life initiative, Infant Crisis Services is able to provide a limited number of brand new car seats to our clients to that their little ones are safe on the road. Our on-site Car Seat Technician and Client Services Coordinator, Chayanne, ensures that every car seat we give out is installed correctly and that every parent is equipped with the knowledge of how to safely install the carseat themselves. A baby’s safety is priceless, but this service frees up an additional $75-$100 in a parent’s budget and gives them endless peace of mind.

Charitable giving doesn’t always mean donating cash. Donating stock, securities, and mutual fund shares are powerful and easy ways to not only feed and diaper babies and toddlers, but also save on your taxes. By giving stock, your support will have an even greater impact without denting your pocketbook. Give smart and save more by investing stock in a mission that will help babies today and for generations to come.
As always, we recommend that you consult your tax or financial professional for advice before making charitable donations. For more information on making a gift of stock, scan the QR code or contact Jennifer Boren, Director of Operations and Finance via email or at 405-778-7609