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Meet Miranda: Mom of Triplets Who Gives Back

Just before her 21st birthday, Miranda found out she was pregnant with triplets. She recalls at her first ultrasound, the tech turned off the machine and went to get the doctor. “I assumed the worst, that I was having a miscarriage. But when they came back they said, ‘We didn’t hear one heartbeat. We didn’t just hear two – we heard three heartbeats.’ And I was in shock.

At the time, Miranda was living with her grandparents and the dad chose not to be involved with the babies. Miranda was lacking emotional and financial support, so when she was put on bedrest at 12 weeks and unable to work, her worries multiplied. She delivered all three babies safely at 29 weeks, but since they each weighed less than 4 pounds, they were immediately taken to the NICU for treatment. Miranda spent several weeks living in the Ronald McDonald house, healing and visiting her babies in the NICU. As they were eventually discharged one by one, Miranda realized she didn’t have any clothing for them. Also, the cost of formula to feed three growing babies was beyond her budget. Miranda was afraid she would lose her kids if she was unable to care for them. “All I wanted was to be a good mom.” Fortunately, the hospital staff referred her to Infant Crisis Services for clothing, diapers, formula, and more, which helped her fulfill her dreams of providing for her girls.

That was three years ago, and today Miranda is working and caring for the girls on her own, plus donating their outgrown clothing to Infant Crisis Services for other babies and toddlers in need! “I always tell myself, I need to give back to the place that helped me feed and diaper my children when I didn’t think I could do it at all. I believe that you need to give back and help people when you have the chance Without Infant Crisis Services, I wouldn’t have had anything for my kids. Miranda says it’s loud and chaotic in her house most of the time, but hearing their little laughs and giggles is rewarding. “I always felt like something was missing, and my girls filled that void in my heart.”

Mission Moment with Miki

I love celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, any reason to get together to share good times and memories. As Infant Crisis Services is approaching our 37th birthday, I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on my blessings and how far we’ve come as an organization.

I grew up in a single parent household and watched my mom struggle each month to make ends meet. Those times were difficult but now I see that my childhood was a gift to prepare me for my part in creating a nonprofit that helps children in similar situations. Fast forward several years – I grew up, got married, had two babies, co-founded Infant Crisis Services, and became a divorced single mom by age 33. This was not my plan or desire, but once again, I see that every single step along the way, even the broken and hard times, prepared me for my lifetime career at Infant Crisis Services. What seemed like the end was actually just the beginning.

Looking back over these 37 years, I feel so blessed and grateful to be part of the growth of Infant Crisis Services. Making sure every child has the opportunity for proper nourishment and a dry diaper is the single most important thing we can do. And we are blessed that our community has supported this mission. I have been surrounded by fabulous staff, board, volunteers, and of course the most wonderful donors.

In 1984, could I have imagined that Infant Crisis Services would be the vital social service agency it has become – feeding and diapering 300,000 babies over the years? Absolutely not! But it’s only been possible because it has been the journey of a village of people who have loved this mission as much as I do. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you, and Happy Birthday ICS!

Always for the babies,

Miki Farris, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Our 37th birthday is just around the corner and in honor of our 1984 founding year

And we’ve come such a long way since 1984! Our mission has always been to ensure that no baby goes hungry. Here’s a look at how we’ve grown over the years–

Volunteer Spotlight

Christian Kinney has been a dedicated volunteer at Infant Crisis Services for over six years. So when COVID hit last year, she wasn’t going to let a global pandemic stop her from keeping the babies and toddlers fed and diapered. The work continued – even from home!
In 2015, Christian began volunteering at ICS as a seasonal volunteer during the holiday season. It was a temporary commitment that soon turned into a long-time passion. Christian has found her volunteer home behind the scenes in the HUB, sorting donations, checking expiration dates on formula, and even restocking inventory in the boutique. She really enjoys meeting the clients needs and finding that one specific item they’re looking for.
During the months of at-home quarantine, Christian even recruited new volunteers, her daughter Kate (12) and son Jay (10)! The family worked together to pick up donations from the office, count diapers and sort clothing at home, and return the completed projects to the office for immediate distribution to clients.
When limited volunteer shifts began opening at the office, Christian knew she wanted to return. She realized that the time she gives now is even more essential since volunteer groups are not currently coming to pack diapers and food packs in bulk. Plus, she was eager to see her volunteer and staff friends. She says, “It’s like a second family at Infant Crisis Services. Everyone has the same goal and we work together well. I love all the staff and volunteers I’ve met.”

We love you too, Christian!

Mark these upcoming events in your calendar!

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PROST! Getting into the true spirit of Oktoberfest, join us October 15th for the 8th annual Bingo for Babies. Hosted by the Young Professionals Board, this event will feature dinner, drinks, entertainment, silent auction, and of course – BINGO! Tickets and sponsorships available now at
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The event you’ve been waiting for is back! Join us February 5, 2022 at the Jones Assembly for a boot scootin’ evening of food, drinks, and dancing – all for the babies and toddlers! Tickets and sponsorships available now at Presented by–

This year’s Teen Board raised a total of $41,646 to feed and diaper babies and toddlers. Great job teens!

The Teen Associate Board worked hard for months to organize the 3rd Annual Baby Steps 5k – and it was a huge success! On April 24th, 165 participants completed the 1 Mile Fun Run & 5K at Bluff Creek Trails.